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Hydraulic Stone Splitting Machine
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Decorative Stone Breaking Machine
Masonry block splitter
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XIAMEN BESTLINK FACTORY CO., LTD has hydraulic operated stone splitting machines for every kind of stone. The machinery is primarily designed for the manufacture of tiles, curbstones,  and split-faced walling, but can also be adapted to other areas of the stone industry. The crushing power and long blade , Broadway and Winstar models are adequate for large wall stone and curbing production.
The BESTLINK line of stone machinery be supplied  in many sizes and can be adapted to many uses in the stone industry.  Paving stone and tile cutters will want to see the Igloo Model. Ease of operation and fast splitting are sure to increase production compared to underpowered splitters.  For large block splitting operations encountered in the stone industry, integrated conveyor systems and long blades and crushing power make splitting of large blocks an easy project.
The brand new Rexroth-Bosch breaking technology, along with the absolute silence of the new pumps, completed by the high up/down motion speed of the piston ( up to 260 mm/sec. for PSM 320- 54 ton- type machines) .
Our splitting machines:
1Cobble Stone Splitting Machines
2.Paving Stone Splitting Machines
3.Wall Stone Splitting Machines
4.Block Stone Splitting Machines