Masonry stone splitter

The masonry block splitter is designed for splitting small block and natural stone slabs.

Masonry stone splitter


Machinery for stone specialist

Bestlink's BRT series hydraulic stone splitting machine is suitable for splitting all types of natural and artificial stones, cube stone/curb stone/wall stone/blockstone/tiles/pavingstone/countertops/vanity tops. Every splitting machine can be integrated in a production line. It could be especially designed according to your equirements.

Our range - JS series

Masonry stone splitter


  • 1) The electrical control cabinet adopt the French Schneider, with internal layout reasonable and neat, and through the senor switch to facilitate rapid signal to make the movements of the machine consecutive and accurate.

  • 2) The hydraulic system adopts from German Bosch Rexroth, providing sustainable,stable and sufficient power to the machine.

  • 3) The electrical motor adopts from German Siemens, providing stable performance of the complete machine working.

  • 4) With intelligent gear cutting head, itcould adjust itself according to the smooth condition of the stone surface.

  • 5) We can design a perfect stone cutting line from blocks to paving stone, wall stone, mosaic, cobble stone, etc, upon the demand of customers.

  • Hydraulic Stamping Machine Specification

    Model JS 20 JS 40 JS 50 EJS 40
    Splitting Power 20T 40T 50T 40T
    Spitting Width (mm) 400 500 600 450
    splitting height (mm) 210 240 260 150
    Package dimension 55*70*90cm 60*80*120cm 60*95*120cm 60*100*120cm
    Net Weight (kg) 105 175 205 265
    Gross Weight (kg) 130 200 230 290
    Powered by Manual or compressed air (5-7bar, 1cbm/min) Electric power, 1.5kw

    Masonry Stone Splitter